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The highland of Poirino takes its name from the town itself that is located in the middle of wide plain (about 400 Km2). It is an appendix of the Southern piedmontese Plain, that is interrupted in the East by a hill of about 100 mt high. That hill separates this plain from the Highland of Asti basin; in the North the highland is limited by the hills of Turin and in the North-west by the hills of Bra.

(Carefully edited by geol. Michele Actis- Giorgetto)

For us it is not only a geologic expression but it is the ground where we were born and where our roots anchor us, because they are made of a great history or humble stories of famous bosses or anonimus formers. By the latter our traditions are still alive today, such as “La Ca ‘d Majin”, a brick jewellery-box opening nowadays for the visitors of “Pianalto” to offer the best recepies with old politness and hospitality.